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Do you want to make money with your on business ?
Probably your answer is yes, but le me ask you a thing.
Do you know what really means Making money with a business?
Online or offline doesn’t matter.
I am asking because this is the real secret to start a successful business.

I’ve checked on the vocabulary and it says:
Business is the activity of making, buying, selling or supplying goods or services for money. The synonym can be commerce or trade.
Nice but it miss some very important part. The most important I would say.

To be more precise, Business is a set of SYSTEMS and PROCEDURES able to generate money without your presence. You have to exclude yourself from the equation and the business still have to works by itself.

A business to be defined as business, has also to be automatic, scalable, duplicable

Automatic: It generates income without your presence, 24 hours a day, automatically
Duplicable: Replicable person-to-person selling format
Scalable: It can maintain or grow the same profit margin while sales volume increases

Having your own activity doesn’t means you are doing business, means you are working by yourself. Doing business is another story and this is why it is important to have success in having it.

I was thinking to my stationary shop where I was used to go when I was child to buy all the things to go to school with my friends.
Patty, the stationary shop owner had 24 hours a day available. Averagely each day she need 2 hours to eat, 6 hours to sleep, 2 ours for travel from home to job place and back, 2 hours to dedicate to bureaucracy so only 12 useful hours to make money. Let’s say she makes $100 of profit each our, means $1200 per day and then STOP, her power to make profit was finished.

Now I think, and if she was having an online business ???
Her business was running ONLINE, this means her selling procedure was active active 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, while she was having fun with her family, while she was on holiday, while she was comfortably sleeping in her bed.

People can buy simultaneously from each part of the world, this means that in the same time, someone can purchase from New York City, Tokyo and Dubai, 3 sales at the same time (and you’ve not been present in any of this, because your ONLINE BUSINESS is DUPLICABLE and SCALABLE and it did all the work for you). And if you think that a Stationary Shop can’t sell its goods online, you are totally wrong, it is just because you are online that you can sell more valuable products, because you are referring TO THE ENTIRE WORLD and you can satisfy more needs AT THE SAME TIME

If I had the possibility to travel through the time, I will for sure back to Patty to tell her to place her business ONLINE so to enjoy her life as she deserved, instead of staying all the day jailed between the wall of her shop.

I know I can’t help Patty anymore, BUT, I CAN HELP YOU to avoid the same mistakes Patty did some years ago.

I’ve understood, on my own skin, that 90% of times, things are not what you think.
So, because I want to help you with your existing business or to create a new one, I want to do a crazy thing and I will give you a 30 minute free online marketing strategic plan session that I usually charge $1000 for.
It is a limited time offer so, GRAB IT NOW OR STAY BROKE

“Well begun is half done”
IRONARMI Online Business

Do not miss your chance


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