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4 steps to Promote your affiliate link with this marketing strategy to grow your audience and so your profit.
First of all remember that ANY products or services needs its sales funnel. You can’t do a MIX to use one funnel to sell more than a product or service at the same time, it is harmful.
Yes, I know that some guru do it, but they are guru and they use another strategy that comes from their great expertise and especially when they already have a stable audience.

#1 Usually my first rule is “WHEN I CRAETE AN AD, NEVER SEND THE LEAD DIRECTLY TO THE OFFER’s PAGE”, because the golden rules of marketing is “CATCH THE EMAIL OR STAY BROKE” if you do not have the email of your lead, you can’t proceed with your marketing action, this means that if you do not catch the email, you are only doing traffic driven, and traffic driven is not really a strategy, is a loss of time and money because you can’t control the flow.

Remember I said LEAD, not customer. The lead is your potential customer so it is a person who is not yet into your sales funnel, your FOLLOW UP CYCLE.
The difference is important to understand what kind of strategy you have to apply.
A Lead requires a strategy to let him understand what I can do to fix his issues, a customer is someone who already trust me so he need another kind of strategy.

#2 So, Where do you have to send your lead ?
Well It is preferable to create a bridge page, the one that is called OPTIN PAGE, landing page, squeeze page, they are almost the same thing, I will explain the difference in another video so go and check it.
You can create an opt-in page via your site using a page builder like ELEMENTOR or using tools like CLICKFUNNELS.
In this way you can capture the e-mail of your potential customer and use it to proceed with your marketing action

#3 Once you captured the email of your potential customers, now is the moment to send him to the offer’s page, in this way the owner of the product you are promoting, will start his own marketing strategy, sell the product and you gain your $1000 commission, sounds good right?
But it is not finished, you can keep promoting other things and so let me introduce the 4th and last steps of this strategy

#4 Now that you have the email, I can say that YOU’VE GOT THE POWER because you can start the real soul of your marketing strategy, THE FOLLOW UP CYCLE. I prefer Email Marketing by using a series of e-mails to keep promoting the main product of your initial Advertise, because usually leads buy not before the 3rd shot, but the magic is that you can also promote many others products you have in your menu and…remember that NOW, this kind of promotion….IT IS FOR FREE, because you don’t have to create a PAID ADVERTISE…you have only to send enticing emails, and let them works for you.
This is why this 4th step is important, because now you can also promote some LOW TICKET products because also if you gain only few tens of dollars, they will be practically 100% profit, and so it make sense to promote also low ticket products or services.

“Well begun is half done”
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