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The most advanced technologies for speed in web hosting are our passion. No matter whether it is hardware or software, if there is something that can make your site faster, we will be among the first to implement it.​


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PHP with no rivals

1000X FASTER HARDWARE SSD on all floors! The files and databases on all our shared hosting plans are stored on state-of-the-art SSDs. SSDs offer a 1000x increase in entry / exit operations compared to regular drives. SSDs are included on all shared and cloud plans

THE FASTEST WEB SERVER NGINX server speed We use NGINX web server technology to speed up the loading of the static content of all the sites we host. The installation of NGINX is included in all shared and cloud plans. It is also available for dedicated servers, as part of the performance booster.

THE MAXIMUM SPEED FOR WORDPRESS, JOOMLA & DRUPAL Advanced SuperCacher For the most popular applications - WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, we have also built our caching mechanism, based on a NGINX reverse proxy. It greatly accelerates the dynamic content of sites. Our SuperCacher also allows site speed optimization, through memcached

FAST LOADING FROM ANY SITE. CDN free Our Cloudflare CDN allows your website to load faster, from anywhere in the world, caching content and distributing it to multiple data centers. When visitors abroad access your site, our CDN supplies the content more quickly from the data center closest to them.

FASTER LOADING IN THE BROWSER. HTTP / 2 enabled servers HTTP / 2 is the new network protocol, which greatly speeds up the loading of websites in the browser. We are proud to be among the first to support it on all our servers. HTTP / 2 requires an encrypted connection. To allow anyone to take advantage of this fantastic protocol, we provide the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

TOP SPEED IN PHP EXECUTION PHP7 Whenever a new technology or update is developed that makes php execution faster, you can count on us for prompt implementation on our servers. For example, we have made it possible for our users to take advantage of PHP7, known for its great speed advantages, while it was still in beta.

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Web Hosting


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