Hi, I am Armando AKA “Ironarmi” and I do Affiliate Marketing. It means that I sell third-party products and earn a commission on the sale. I specialize in Financial Business Education digital products and services or training and services for those who want to start their own online business in Affiliate Marketing. Before doing affiliate marketing, my story was very similar to yours. I probably did the employee for 10 years and since I had what today would normally be called a “good salary”, I had never noticed that I worked 10/12 hours a day (sacrificing almost all my day). The crucial point of my reflection was that “MY SKILLS WERE NOT PAID, MY TIME WAS PAID” to do a job that on the whole was worth millions of euros for my company. Let’s say that when I seriously considered this, I didn’t I felt the smartest person in the world

I MUST to change this vicious circle so that it would also be beneficial for me and not just for my company. Strictly speaking, it also seems to me to be correct, yes, so I decided to open my company in the construction field and I must say that I was doing quite well, I thought I had made it … and then the shameful crisis hit heavily the construction sector. But even this was an enlightening experience because my company did not fall victim to the clutches of the crisis because the crisis was ugly and bad. I realized that it had happened simply because I didn’t have the tools to react or I didn’t know anything about Marketing and I paid for the consequences of my absence. So I did what everyone should do, I didn’t give up and because I knew where there was was the catch, I did nothing but put myself under study to fill my gaps. I evolved, I changed business and I started doing Affiliate Marketing, which between us, is the best way to do business online, especially for those who have no experience (like me) or their own products to sell (like me)

My journey is still long, I want to become rich, I tell you openly. I have in mind so many projects, some of them also of solidarity, and without money … My friend, going to the demonstrations with the signs written with a felt-tip pen, I am sorry to tell you but it will not help anyone … If instead you set up a serious, stable business , lasting and profitable, you can REALLY HELP YOURSELF IN YOUR PRIMIS, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS and also do a lot of REAL SOLIDARITY. Money is an enemy only for those who have the mentality of the poor, which is then a mentality of convenience … think it over , complaining about one’s boss and blaming one’s own financial dissatisfaction to anyone “except themselves” is much easier and more convenient than rolling up their sleeves and doing what is necessary to get to buy the big car or build a family home for the less fortunate children.

If you have read this far it means that I am intrigued then I will reward you with my amazing adventures and since I SEE YOU BEGIN INFORMATION ABOUT MY ACCOUNT … I TELL YOU EVERYTHING … (after all I am an extremely sociable person, even if at first sight you might to have the impression of seeing a hungry bear running towards you … keep calm, if you remain still, I will smell you and then I will come back to look for honey elsewhere)

Today I work independently, promote and sell high-value products from which I receive a lavish (very pleasant) commission, the famous Affiliate Marketing High Ticket.

he natural evolution of my current job is to create my own product line. I love luxury, the real one and the yachts have no secrets for me, I have loved them since I was a child.

I like working with the right tools and also to do business online need the right “tools”. In the pages of this site you will explain them all.

Some GOOD NEWS: you will not need a jacket, tie, tan of the lamps and a sparkling smile, indeed, these very important settings are better left to others (otherwise we make the tanning centers fail and it’s not really nice) and we will focus on what is really there from do to get off on the right foot, which also seems to me more stimulating ehhh …

Online business can give enormous satisfaction but it is an art and like all the arts, it must be learned. Fortunately today, learning an art of this type is much simpler and faster thanks to all the tools that the network makes available to us. It’s just about finding the “right vein” !!!

f I am a patron so full of love for others that I want to help everyone get their financial independence?

Why, of course I am, also because your joy, your success, your lust, turns into a sound drachma in my wallet … and then also in yours, I am sure that the idea of a wallet full of money from spend is not so bad to bear.

“He starts doing all this cinema just to sell me something. Cacchio is as if Nike were advertising his shoes, just because he wants to sell them to me “… opssssssssssss

Yeah, because instead when you go to the supermarket to do the shopping for the products you saw on the flyer or on the television, which make you so happy because you caught the big offer … the cashier gives them to you for free, right ???

What a world of wretches. People create USEFUL products and then they also want to sell them to you, that lack of respect ehhhh. It is not a question of being put to Pgreco means. It’s normality, people need THINGS, both physical and digital, if you are able to offer a product of TRUE value, and you know how to offer it, you win over others and you are REALLY HELPING them. Are there scammers? I don’t care and I don’t want to talk about it, it’s not my market, I study and teach to do business DURABLE AND PROFITABLE. So now you decide if you stay where you are, still, immobile while you bask in your complaints like 90% of people (complaining doesn’t cost anything, you know) or if you want to act … well to act and so if you want to get into that elite of people with a nice pair of lycis … you know what i mean bro !!!

Arrogant? Presumptuous? No, I would say instead resolute and determined in pursuing the path that I have decided to follow, thanks also to the resonant and painful facades taken against various walls, during my years of work. In one word … PERSEVERANCE.

And now a very detailed history of my work expertise (which means competence, but in English it sounds really more majestic – the first pill of wisdom that I hope you will seize):

“I was an employee, then I noticed the very light grip for the bottoms I had been subjected to (€ 20 gross per hour for a product that was worth MILLIONS … no, let’s be serious) and nienteeeeeeee, I started my own activity “… Everything else is history ha ha ha.

I know that reading my adventures from the fearless mirmillone myrmidone is interesting but now you go to benefit from all my videos.

“Who starts well is in the middle of the work”
Cheers you all
Armando “IRONARMI” Online Business

The Secret to Making Six-Figure Monthly with Affiliate Marketing