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One of the keys to success in your business is knowing your numbers.
They give you a concise and predictable roadmap to follow as you grow and expand.
I know my exact conversion statistics for my business and I use these to guide everything that I do.

When I have a meeting with my team, I am ALWAYS sure to relay these numbers to them, because they are essential to the success of every member of my team.

Hi everybody this is Armando from IRONARMI Online Business, Like, comment and subscribe to my channel Let’s start with the topic of today

One of my biggest hang-ups was not knowing the conversion figures of my business. To tell you the truth, when you spend your time calling leads, at the beginning, it’s hard to even keep track of how reliable your figures are, because you, as a rep, directly influence them.

For instance, if you’re having an off day, while calling prospects, they’ll pick up on it, and this can drastically effect your conversion, in a negative way.
This is why I am such a large proponent for internet network marketing.
The figures never change and they never lie, because the system does the selling, NOT you.

I tell my team if they can generate 100 leads in the course of a month they will at least recruit 5 new team members into their business.

I know this because the numbers tell me.

Just knowing your sign up conversion ratio is just the beginning.

Do you know your retention rate?

Do you know what percentage of people upgrade to the premium level in your business?

Do you know how many people go out and duplicate your results?

If you don’t, your homework for today is to find out.

Once you know the numbers, a clearly defined path to your success will show itself to you.

Why are your company’s conversions statistics so
important to the overall success of your business?

I want to dig into that discussion a little deeper.

If you know the conversion factors for your business, you
really can set your path to success, but they’re really a
whole lot more powerful than just this.
Here’s why . . .
In a business let’s say that:

5 to 22% of the leads generated end up, signing up for a free
trial in our business.

65% of those leads that come in, end up becoming full fledged
active members.

24% of the free trail members, will upgrade to a premium
level from the outset.

25% will duplicate

So, by knowing these figures, one is able to really see clearly
and concisely what they have to do, to grow their business at a
consistent pace.

There are no secrets. This is good because it takes away all
false expectations.

Most people that join a network marketing company, online or
off, set false expectations because they just don’t know any

For instance, I’ve heard on more than one occasion from a
new team member that they are going to go out and sponsor
100 people by the end of the month or they want to be at X
level by X date.

I always reply “great!”

But I immediately go into our business’s conversion
statistics, so that they can know exactly, what it will take
for them, to reach such a level in their time frame.

It’s great to be excited from the outset, but, most people
sugar coat the work, involved with a high level of success,
and the best way to shed light on what it will take for them
to reach their goal, is to give them the cold hard facts from
the beginning.
But . . .
You can’t do this unless you know them!

This is why it is so essential to know your numbers.

The truth is extremely powerful, and even more important, it
is essential to the success of every new member that joins
your business.

Without it, they will almost always set false expectations,
and when things don’t work out the way, they THOUGHT they
would, from their own fanciful goals the get frustrated and
will most likely give up.

Further, they will probably be upset with their sponsor for
not giving them the full story.

If you don’t give every member of your team the truth, based
on the numbers, as soon as they walk through the door you
will be doing a great disservice to them.

Here’s an equally powerful way that knowing the numbers can
serve you in your business growth.

If you hear of anyone on your team or within your company
that is using one marketing method to be highly successful
you can track EXACTLY what it has taken them to achieve
their success down to the dollar!
For example . . .
A while back I heard about a couple different ways that
people within my company where using to generate a high
level of success quickly.

Well if you don’t know the numbers, you would most likely say
to yourself.

WOW! That sounds like its working great! It’s the “NEW” key
to success!
And you may run off to give it a try.
Most likely your results will not match the original user’s
level of success and you’ll say to yourself “What am I doing

Well the numbers never lie.
If you are armed with your company’s conversions statistics
you can go and do a test of the new marketing method.

For instance, if this new marketing method cost your say $5
to generate a lead, you will see that from this one piece of
information alone, you can track a path all the way back to
the TRUE COST of success, of the original user of the
marketing method.


Well, if it cost you $5 to generate a lead mimicking their
marketing method to a tee, and it takes you 100 leads to
generate 10 new team members, then you know that it cost them
$5 to generate a lead and have the same conversion ratio.

So, you know if they grew their business by 50 people in one
month it most likely took them at the very least 500 leads
to generate this amount of business growth and that’s with a
stellar high conversion rate of 10%.

So if you know it took them 500 leads, to generate these 50
new team members, you will quickly see that it cost them 500
times $5 which equals $2500, to generate this success.

So what looked like a no-brainer marketing method, quickly
becomes something very different, if you know the numbers
driving the success.

Now depending on your company this may be an acceptable
marketing cost for the response generated, but you only know
this if you know the numbers.

Remember the numbers never lie!

“Well begun is half done”
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