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Doing business online means having the ability to sell any type of product or service, both physical and digital by leveraging the power of internet. Whether it’s cars, homes, a notary’s advice, tax return assistance or a training course, it makes no difference because it all depends on the marketing strategy you will learn to use.

That being said, the first question you ask yourself before to decide if start a business or not is :
“How do I find people to sell my products to”?

Well, the ONLINE BUSINESS is the solution to this demand and to many others, because it allows you to develop all the skills necessary to have a successful business, saving literally years and years of time and with a fair ease.

Now, talking about the various types of ONLINE BUSINESS, affiliate marketing is the one that turns out to be the easiest to take, especially for those who start from scratch.

As the word says, it is part of marketing and it applies a specific kind of it that is the affiliations.

So, doing AFFILIATE MARKETING means promoting and selling third-party products or services created by other companies. From the sale of these products the affiliate earns an average of 40% commission.
It means that if you sell a $1000 product, you earn $400, with just one automatic sale made online, maybe from your living room or while you’re sleeping because everything runs automatically 24 hours a day, this is the great power of working online.

Your job like an affiliate is therefore to create a sales network or exploit the one you already own, to be used for the sale and for the promotion of your products.

The tools you need to do affiliate marketing are simple and are already at your disposal, PC, smartphone and an internet connection.

I did market analysis and realised that the best products to sell through affiliate marketing are those that are called HIGH TICKET.

The high ticket products are those with a cost over $1000 and that are therefore able to get you a commission on the sale from 40% upwards.

Many large companies of big brands in many niches have decided to use this sales method for the many advantages it offers.

Another important advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that no skills are required to start working, because this skills can be acquired through practice.

An immediate advantage is that the skills that you acquire by doing affiliate marketing can then also be used to create your own products and offer, for example, consulting services and thus create multiple sources of income. So the skills you acquire are resalable on the market to create other businesses and then to generate additional income. This means having the ability to create a business that is called scalable.

My advice is to combine theory and practice and then take a training course and at the same time immediately put into practice the lessons learned during the course.

In this way you have the possibility to start earning faster and you can immediately understand if you are correctly applying what you are learning, yeah because since for every thing you put into practice, you will have to get a result, if that result does not arrive, it means that something in this specific step is not working properly.

So if you immediately notice a problem in a specific step, you can fix it without affecting your entire marketing process.

If instead you wait to have finished the course and then put into practice all that you have learned, it will be more difficult to understand where the problem is and how to fix it because the possible unforeseen events will add up to each other.

Instead, immediately putting into practice what you learn during the course, is useful to identify issues faster, and gives you the possibility to solve it more easily, saving time and starting earning faster.

This makes you understand that anyone can do affiliate marketing.

In recent years, affiliations has increased significantly. This is also thanks to the ease of use of all the online tools made available by new technologies such as affiliate platforms like click bank, social networks like facebook and instagram, advertising platforms such as google and youtube and many others ok ?

Obviously these are only some information on affiliate marketing, my advice is to follow a training course like the one you can see by clicking on the link below, where you will find a free one hour webinar, where you will understand even more in detail what affiliate marketing is and you will also be revealed some strategies that you can put into practice immediately.
It is really interesting and resourceful

“Well begun is half done”
IRONARMI Online Business

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