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The jackals of the online business, these ugly people who in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing, decide to take advantage of the poor people by making money on their despair … taking advantage of their fears …
But wait a minute …
So who has an online business is a jackal? Or who decides to open an online business right now is a jackal? Or who has a company that did not have a digital presence but now creates it, is he also a jackal who wants to make money on the misfortunes of others?

So, let’s start by saying that the Corona Virus is not a DISCRETION OF OTHERS, it is a disgrace and a point, it applies to everyone in the same way.
Having said that, our current situation is simply highlighting how useful and complementary it is to have a digital presence.

So my first suggestion, instead of being the sofa lions who write on social media that anyone who does Online Marketing both as a strategist and as a trainer is a jackal, it would be better to turn off the TV and do what A WINNING MINDSET would suggest doing, that is, EVOLVESI, because boys, COVID19 will not be the end of mankind and of all intergalactic economies, just not, on the contrary, it will be a great possibility for all those who decide to EVOLVERSI.

But What does it mean to have an online business?
Then doing online business simply means taking your company and giving it what is called DIGITAL IDENTITY, that is, making sure that as many people as possible, WORLDWIDE, know that your company exists, the end of the mystery.
Among other things, with very low economic and time costs because at the beginning you can do everything even on your own and with tools that are sometimes completely free, even if I recommend investing a little something for even the basic versions of the software such as Aweber for email marketing for example or Siteground and Elementor to create your site in case you want to.

So, the result of this global exposure is the increase in sales which translates into more liquidity to scale your business or to buy machinery (which need people WORKING to be built) or maybe to hire more people for your company (which still means CREATING JOB), or even to be able to afford the machine that you like so much or that 100-inch TV that you have always wanted or anything else that at the end of the fair translates into TURNING THE ECONOMY, because remember that IF WE DON’T CREATE WEALTH … the result is a world of absolute poverty …

Are you attached to the OLD-STYLE business? Are you some old-fashioned types? Perfect there is nothing wrong with that, but guys, the MARKET has its own rules and unless you have billions and billions available TO MAKE THESE RULES ALONE, you have to be able to adapt.

And I am a wizard of adaptation so if you want to open an online business or understand how to bring your company online or if you already have an online presence but want to improve it, click on the link and let’s hear it, the first consultation is always free …

“Well begun is half done”
IRONARMI Online Business

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Ironarmi Online Business
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