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I’ve always been fascinated about how some sales man is able to sell “the ice to the eskimo” also with customers that they see for the first time. So i decided to get some info’s about this topic and i’ve discovered that IT IS A REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY, a technique to drive the customer into the sales funnel and make money.

Hi everybody this is Armando from IRONARMI Online Business, i am a digital entrepreneur focused on affiliate marketing and online marketing
And now Let me tell you about this experience i had to understand this technique.


Pay attention, i am not speaking about brain washing or some fraud system, not even i am referring to some unethical tricks to force customers to buy something they don’t want or don’t need.

I am speaking about a precise skill that the salesman has acquired with experience and trainings, that helps him to understand in less than a minute, many sides of the customer in front of him.

This will help him to understand the better strategy to apply to expose the product in the most effective way possible so to create a real unforgettable experience.

This is the keyword, CREATE AN EXPERIENCE, not a banal showcase.
Something totally different that obviously this can be done online or offline.

This technique is about “imposing your own mental frame on the customer”, by giving a series of small orders that the customer will perceive and execute as natural.

Let me tell you what happened when i entered in an Aston Martin car shop (i love Aston Martin). When you enter into places like this, the salesman usually invite you to do something.

It could be the invitation to have a coffee or entering the car to feel how comfortable the seats are, or to turn on the stereo to hear how clean the sound is.

Normally you would take these gestures as signs of extreme courtesy, and obviously this is also true, but the main purpose of this commands is to impose his mental frame on you because he is focusing your attention on a precise route that has the purpose to highlight any single detail of the car and the brand so that you can’t forget it.

Probably Now you are thinking that it is normale to notice these things but I am here to tell you that if you perform this command without the “assistance” of the salesman your brain would archive this experience like “as many others” and quickly forget it, BUT if the salesman, by interacting with you, by driving you through this EXPERIENCE, create a connection, that is different form all the others you had, well your brain perceive it like “something new” that will be harder to forget.

And as i told you i studied this phenomenon and tested it by going to a top brand car dealership and i have to say that also if i knew the technique, well it works as the same.

This technique is pretty similar to some others i studied on the various marketing training i did until today.

It is very interesting to see how many variations exist on the same topic.

I am deadly serious about my trainings and about my knowledge and i firmly convinced that it is the best investment i’ve ever done.

I will place a link and a button so you can check the training i am speaking about.

It is helping me too much so, give it a try and start your personal and business growth.

“Well begun is half done”
IRONARMI Online Business

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