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There is a common mistake that we all make at the beginning of our business as entrepreneurs, digital or physical, nothing changes, and it is a mistake that many continue to make even after years, THINKING TOO MUCH.

Now, if from a point of view, I am the first to say that before doing something you absolutely have to plan it, this does not mean that you have to be a theorist for life, it means that PLANNING is the first part of an initial phase that MUST be the antechamber of your purpose, and your purpose is to put into practice what you have planned, so your purpose is to act.

To make you understand better, take for example the drafting of a content.
Don’t be there to want to do it PERFECT at all costs, you end up wasting time and that’s it (and you don’t recover time) then plan the content of course but then focus on creating it so that it helps your audience and focus on that it is simple to understand.

Following the advice of some of the big names in marketing, I understood that there are parameters to be taken into consideration for what concerns the content, among these there are certainly
The platform on which you publish it
The time it takes you to write it
The insights that affect how much grip that content has made on the public

If I think of twitter, I personally don’t use it very much, what is important to me is that the message must be truly concentrated.
If I think of instagram, on the other hand, I know there is the Appearance that matters most so the content will be read if I have a very impactful image and in any case the places must not be long because it is not the social network suitable for expanding on explanations.

This made me understand that, although I am a fan of the “long post because it selects who is interested by those who just want to spend time”, it is also true that this strategy must be applied to the right platforms and as we have just seen, for example on twitter and Instagram it is not useful and therefore I am working to create shorter content so that I can take advantage of all the available platforms and not just some.
Secret secret tip, do things once and reuse them several times. Basically if you make a tweet, then for example you could take a picture of it, cut away the useless parts and leave only the screen of the tweet and use it as an image to make the post on Instagram, if you have many interactions you could make stories with the screenshots of the comments . To do all this there are excellent editing applications but you just need to use the photo editor included in any mobile phone or laptop
Normally to make a post that we can define FLASH / BANG, between doing it and publishing it on two social networks, it takes less than 5 minutes.

In the next video we talk about a couple of useful tools to schedule posts on various social networks that will allow you to really save a lot of time.

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