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“Impossible? Ask them” continues the powerful saga of this series of interviews that immerse you in the depths of what it means to have a business of your own, even in difficult sectors but which, as you can see from the interviews, are within the reach of those who have real intentions of success.

He knows something about it. DAVIDE CIPRIANI, CEO of CENTROSTILEDESIGN, a Yacht Design company that has become a reference in the high-level boating industry.

As you can hear from Davide’s words, success is the final part of a journey that still requires a strong willpower and a perseverance able to make you overcome the various situations that will surely arise during the journey towards the development of your business.

Davide was able to give birth and develop CENTROSTILEDESIGN in a highly competitive environment, where the “maneuvering space” (give me the poetic license) is really minimal and therefore every action must be planned at table before being put into practice.

Great importance is also given to the use of all the online resources that are able to modernize and speed up what remains one of the most powerful marketing tools, namely word of mouth that is renewed today in the 21st century and takes on a precise digital connotation.

DAVIDE CIPRIANI starts from a real apprenticeship in the family business where he learns about the world of both design and entrepreneurship and since he has a few hours left, he also studies engineering at the university, a light faculty in short, just so as not to get bored . This should make you understand the caliber of the person we’re talking about.

But now enjoy the interview

Enjoy the interview.

“Well begun is half done”
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