how to turn $40 into a downline of hundreds and even thousands

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What, if you could not only recruit at the push of a button and grow organizations at will, but you knew the secret to getting 50 more checks per month at the same time? What if you discovered that very secret for free?

Hi everybody this is Armando from IRONARMI Online Business, Like, comment and subscribe to my channel Let’s start with the topic of today

Step #1: Either find a business that is easy to promote online or choose a recruiting method that flat out works.
Why start here? Because the BIGGEST mistake you can make in your business is to choose a business just because someone presents it to you, or it’s the new “trend”.

You’ve got to ask the right questions right now, or you are doomed.
So, if you want to recruit online without ever speaking to someone, your best bet is to choose a business that has strong direct marketing components and let the marketing do the heavy lifting for you.

Example: My first business had great marketing. I knew, after a little testing, that most traffic I sent to it converted 5% of leads into new members. All I had to do was get the traffic and teach those that joined to do exactly as I did.

Now, choosing a company based on the power of its marketing, ain’t everything. If you’re in a business you love then DO NOT change, just change the dynamic of how you market.

Maybe sending them directly to your company’s site isn’t the best option. Maybe sending your leads into your own autoresponder will be better for you.
How you get people to raise their hand, to join you, is really up to you.
Your call to action could be “Call me”, “Join me on a free teleseminar”, “Email me”, etc.
And then you handle the recruiting from there.

Step #2: Spend money on marketing methods that work.
One of my favorites for years has been advertising in online newsletters. You get to leverage another person’s mailing list for a fixed cost. In fact, this method is how you can spent your first $40 and got your first 12 sign ups or even more.

NO safe lists, traffic exchanges, or “guaranteed sign ups” crap, just good marketing strategies that produce high quality leads. As I said, it could be newsletter marketing, ppc marketing, article marketing, video marketing, etc . . .

Step #3: Reinvest profit and start a co-op.
When people join your business give them the opportunity to pool their marketing funds with yours and your initial profits and then go out and advertise as a team.

You’ll be able to get more exposure than alone doing it this way, but more important, you’ll control the advertising funds to put your team’s money to best use.

Step #4: Do what works relentlessly
If you find one way of marketing works well, wear that sucker out. I can’t tell you how many months my team and I placed ads in the same exact newsletters with the same exact results.
Teach your team what’s working, so it’s not just you doing what works relentlessly. They’re up to speed, and moving full force on it as well.
Step #5: Knowledge duplication and team training
At a certain point your team will reach a size where you can’t train each individual on your team yourself.
The best way for you to leverage your success and experience to help everyone succeed is to put your best strategies together in a team training guide AND make sure every single new rep that joins your business gets it. With websites like ning you could just flat out start a community to and put all your best information there.
Hold your team accountable for their results by holding weekly team meetings where you see who the leaders are (those that not only show up to meetings, but show up with results) and share your week’s best success AND failures so no one makes the same mistakes.
The principle at work here is called the “Hawthorne Effect” what’s tracked increases, but what’s tracked and reported back increases exponentially.
Step #6: Train the leaders to do steps #1 through #5
If you keep trying to run the show alone, you’re going to eventually run yourself into the ground. Pick the cream of the crop in your team, and make sure they know and can competently do all that you do. This will free up your time for step #7.
Step #7: Create your own product
Most people would say that this is not an essential step to downline growth, but I tend to think it is for two reasons.
First, you’ll have a new income stream from the sales of that product, so you’ll have more money to put back into marketing and long term growth.
Second, you can catch some heavy hitters without a product, but when you’re an active distributor and you have a product that is selling in the market you’re perceived as an expert.
MORE experts will take notice of you in this position, than without a product of your own, and for it, you’ll find more leaders who will duplicate all that you do. Your time to autopilot income, where you can walk away, will be shortened.
Step #8: Step away
When your organization is growing at a steady rate and you’re happy with the leadership you’ve set up, go on vacation. Do something fun. Start living the home business dream, and . . .
When you’re hungry again, choose a new company and do it all over again.

“Well begun is half done”
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