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There are 4 main concept to keep in mind before to start an event:

1. Each event is not simply an event, is an asset that you can use like digital product (for free or paid, it is up to you) for your marketing strategy

2. You need the “privacy module” that who attend to your event has to sign to give you the permission to record and use this recording for your commercial purposes, it is dramatically important because with out it…you will not be authorised to show the face of your attendants, this means, no photo, no video, no voice registration, NOTHING and because the point 1 is a mantra…the point 2 is strictly related to the point one

3. Remember you are doing the event for your business, it is not a game, each time you appear on a video, your reputation is on the table, so, if you are not able to do complex things because, for example, you are on a budget, well DO NOT DO IT, stay simple

4. Also when you are speaking, there always must be photos on the screen behind you because remember that images help to keep high the attention

Usually is a good thing to have an assistant to do the introduction of the event, and then introduce the relator that could be you or a guest if you have it. But if you do not have an assistant, ok, it is not a requirement but remember that tif you can arrange this, well it is massively better.

Start your video be greeting your audience.
A thing that works well is to show a video about the introduction and let the speaker comment the video so you can unify visual messages with voice support, that’s good.

Present the relator that is the person who will focus the audience’s attention on himself because his presence is just a proof that things can be done if you really want to do it.

Now the relator has to move to the engagement phase to raise the attention of the people and start to deepen into the main topic of the event.
You can suggest some book about personal growth or personal branding or other things related to how to change your mindset to do business in the correct way.
This is a nice strategy to start to give value to your audience because you are suggesting them to do things that you did first so you are already starting to share your experience and this is perceived like high value.

Now is the moment to tell about your personal story. From the point where you decided to stop your old life, for example like employee, what happened that made your mind change about what you were doing, what you were having and the vision of your future. At the end of your story telling, EXPLAIN YOUR WHY, in this phase you have to really open your mind to your audience, and you have to be honest.

It is the time to interact with your audience. Do some question, explore their lives, their needs, their fears, what they want…personally I don’t like to point on negative things, I mean questions about “what you do not like”…because it can turn the mood into not positive one, but there are people that do it, I repeat, it is a personal suggestion, in my opinion is better to point 95% on positive, 5% on negativity, some little little little negativity Is ok to create what we can call A SHOCK in the attention of your audience, so you keep them focused and you do not run the risk to let them lack of attention 😉

Speak about your mentor, his background, a bit of his history, just to recap people attention about the great work you are doing on yourself, the goal you set to achieve and the willingness you are putting into this project So to appear a strong person, a real leder.
Please remember to do not exaggerate, you are a leader not a parodia of it…

Back to a bit of story telling about you, but this time find the way to compare what you did with the concept that record are made to be defeated and that 90% think that is impossible to defeat it…until someone like you DEFEAT IT. You can use also some famous and historical person to do some example about it
is not so impossible because you are standing in front of them.

Now start to speak abut the topic of your event, for example AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Ask them if they want a successful next 12 month starting exactly from THIS MOMENT.

Back a bit to your story telling by emphasising the fact of how normal you are, how similar you are to your audience so to strengthen the connection with your audience. The purpose of this strategy is to let people understand that you are the same and if you did it, well THEY CAN DO IT TOO !!!

Start to emphasise the economic benefit you can have by starting an online business and clearly explain the concept that TIME IS PRICELESS.

Explain how the job market is evolving

Back to speak about the main topic of your event, give a bit of value about it

Launch your offer by using scarcity and urgency strategy

Do a Q&A section

Recall the offer always using scarcity and urgency strategy, this time push on this 2 concepts

Say hello and close the event.

“Well begun is half done”
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