how to start a business online – #1 KNOWLEDGE

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KNOWLEDGE, Today we are going to speak about knowledge that is the basic secret of making money and Start Grow and Scale existing or new businesses

Yeah because as a wise man told me, this wise man is my mentor, the most important asset of your life, in whatever things you want to do, IS THE KNOWLEDGE.

Having the knowledge means mastering everything. This is why real gurus and real entrepreneurs, in any niches of any level, focus their efforts on acquiring more knowledge as they can.
Because the value of Knowledge is like the value of the time, priceless.

So this is the first advise of this video, invest your time and money to expand your KNOWLEDGE as much as you can, obviously relating on what you need to do business, always remember to keep the focus.

And don’t get fooled by this, because having knowledge doesn’t means to be techie it means to study and perfectly understand what you need for your business and if you don’t know how to do it in practice, well no problem, go on fiverr.com or a freelance platform like it, and hire someone to do it for you.

Practically you need to learn how to move from Do It Yourself to a useful and optimised GET SOMEONE IN…in this way you will have more time to focus on most profitable aspects of your business.

Let me do an example
I don’t know if you know what is the FACEBOOK PIXEL, however in few words is a part of code that you need to let facebook ads works, it tracks results, collect metrics and use it to target your audience.

Now, what you need to understand about the facebook pixel is how does it work, where it has to be placed and how does it help you.
You do not need to know how to implement it because you can hire someone for few bucks TO DO ALL THIS STUFFS and….BOOM the game is done.

And however also in this case, note that you are sharing KNOWLEDGE with the professional that is working for you…so again as you can see
THE KNOWLEDGE is essential.

WE can truly say that the more knowledge you have, the more time you can save
and as we know time
is priceless
So if you can save time…WELL DO IT and remember that the better way to save time is to demand as much as you can.

I wanna give you Another example
Photoshop, you do not know how to use photoshop or other graphic manipulation software ? Well who cares.
You do not need to know it , what you need to know is the fundamental rules to create an eye grabbing image, otherwise you are useless, because you will do things only based on your personal taste,
but we are speaking about making money with our business
and this is not related to personal taste
Making money is related by using the rules of online marketing so,
First of all you need to know and understand it
All the other stuffs can be done from others

Back to the photoshop example, What you need to KNOW is the way that makes an image, an interesting image for your business…all the rest are things that you can hire someone to do.

Listen, do you think that all the TV spots you see, reflect the personal taste of the owner of the product ?

Or do you think all the TV SPOTS you see, reflects the brand they are promoting and so the rules of the niche the brand is working into ?

I think the second one, right ?

Well let me say you that if you are not Andy Wharol, and you are not creating a complete brand new market “and remember that we are in 21 century…this means that to invent thing is pretty difficult and dramatically expensive”
But luckily you do not need to reinvent the wheel as my friend Sean Wray told me once in a consulting I had with him il London”

Which is the connection with knowledge ?

The concept of business perfectly clarify the meaning of knowledge because if you have the knowledge, than you understand that your personal taste doesn’t care and you are able to create a system of procedure that is really able to work without you because it will works by following THE KNOWLEDGE you used to create it and so the rules and all the mechanism necessary to let it create income automatically.

As you can see, the word ME or YOU is not part of this process, because this is what knowledge means…Giving you what we can truly call TOOLS to kick start your business and let money jump in your pocket by themselves…automatically.

This means that it can work 24 hours per day…or better, IT MUST WORK 24 hours per day
This is the great power of knowledge

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