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THE FOLLOW UP is the best way to make money without investing a single penny in advertise. No matter if you have or want to create an online or offline business.

The follow up is a procedure able to let your customer be always more interested in your content so to create a customer loyalty.

I need to do a premise so, keep in mind that averagely is difficult that someone buy directly from your sales page, usually, a lead need to see your advertise or your sales funnel at least 3 times before to decide to buy…so, the question now is “How can I drive my leads to see my products more and more times so to arrive to that critical 3rd times ? “
Try to guess ?
Yeeeeah, perfectly right, with the FOLLOW UP CYCLE.

That said, let me clarify what FOLLOW UP MEANS.
It is a strategy to keep your audience in contact with you, to educate, to sell, to promote, to let them know about your products and services until they buy. And the best thing of FOLLOW UP is that…IT IS PRACTICALLY FREE.

So now the main question, How much money can I do with the FOLLOW UP ?
The answer is at least the 50% of your general profit but in my honest opinion, I think that it is 90% because if you exclude the first step of your marketing strategy that is THE OPT IN PAGE To capture the email of your customer, well all the rest of the sales process is composed by your FOLLOW UP.

To create a good follow up strategy, you need to educate your potential customer in order to create a customer loyalty by providing a bit of value, while you promote your products or services.
You can use many channel to do that, for example :
* Youtube Channel
* Blog/VLog
* Email Marketing
* Phone Call or Telemarketing

All of this method share the most important secret of business.
They are based on a customer list.


Place your offer in any of that channels, for videos you can place it into the description and remember to your audience to check it while you speak into the video.

For the email marketing, create some emails and use each one to explain the benefit of your product or service so to intrigue your customer.

Now, it can happens 2 things:
1. Your lead BUY and it become a customer
2. Your lead do not buy

IF HE BUY, move him from the actual list to another, depending by the product he purchased, and start a new follow up with new and more interesting products or services

If he doesn’t buy, proceed with sending emails with different content on different topics related to your products and keep doing this until he buy.

Repeat this process infinitely

Remember that If you cuddle the right customer, he will cuddle your pocket, believe me…sincerity and honesty are the best way to build a powerful business.

Let me speak about my favourite FOLLOW UP SYSTEM the emails
First of all always remember to grab the email of your lead by using your opt-in page so you can immediately start a cycle of emails to be sent 1 per day or 1 each 2 days, I prefer 1 per day.
With this email you will provide value to your lead by giving advices, suggestions, tips and tricks, to let him understand that if he can have so much benefit from your for free…the value inside the paid products can really blow my mind…gosh I want all that products, I want it all.

To create an interesting follow up email cycle I can suggest you to speak about the benefit you can give, the needs and the issues you can fix with your offers and so on. Obviously you have to think that if you did a good targeting, your lead is totally focused on your topics so it is clever to show what your products can do for him.

Another suggestion I can give you is to do not be exaggerated while you give value, because remember that you must avoid to attract FREEBIE SEEKERS so that kind of people only interested in FREE CONTENT.
The meaning of follow up so to open a little window on your products and let people understand that behind that window there is a haven full of useful and profitable information.

I am sure now you have understood the principle that stays behind the FOLLOW UP and how important, how essential it is.
You can find many ways to do FOLLOW UP, the important is that you apply this principle.
Obviously there are too much more to know about FOLLOW UP but just now the information I gave you in this video really worth hundreds of dollars.
Always remember that any infos I report to you has been tested by me and by my mentor and my mentor actually earn about 2 millions per month so, I can say his system works !!!

“Well begun is half done”
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