How to increase engagement on facebook – CASE STUDY for travel agency

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Some days ago a friend known at a summit about Online Marketing in London contacted me to have some suggestion for her Business. I’ve to say that when thing like this happens, you feel well appreciated and you understand that you are doing it right.

Well, she has an online business about travels and asked me some tips to refresh her channels and this is what I told her.

Starting from Social media, First of all, I like to use pinned to the top post, especially by using a personal image because people like to see who they are relating with.

For the body of your pinned to the top post, remember to consider it like a real presentation of you and your business, so speak about you to grab their attention, people like story telling, Then explain your business but pay attention to create an interesting content, not a mere sequence of info ok, are you getting this ?

Remember that people like emotions.

Keep in your mind that You are You, you are special, you are selling EXPERIENCES, DREAMS, not simple travels. Everybody is able to sell a travel BUT…WHO IS ABLE TO SELL A DREAM ??? Understand it right ?

Speaking about all the other posts you have to write, I can suggest a frequency of not less than 1 each 3 days and remember Posts are not DIRECT OFFERS…posts are TOOLS you use to encourage people to click on your LINK to redirect them to your OPT-IN/LANDING page so to catch their email and start your follow-up, for example with an email autoresponder like Aweber or Mailchimp.
In Few Words, your post is the first step to let people jump into your honeypot…that is your SALES FUNNEL.

My mind has to be totally involved in your product and the only way to do it is to start with an intriguing post and proceeding with an equally intriguing sales funnel.

Now Some advice to do this is to Identify the PAIN, identify the DESIRE, identify the NEED, of you potential customer and give them what they will perceive like THE BETTER SOLUTION…and remember…THE BETTER SOLUTION is not THE BETTER PRODUCT.
I know that It is a thin border but it makes a huge difference. I mean, let me give you an example:
You go to an electronic shop and you want to buy a computer…Now, what would you like to find ?
* A clerk able to understand your real needs and propose you the computer able to better satisfy your needs ?
* The “usual” clerk that will suggest you the most powerful computer they have that usually is also the more expensive?

Personally I would like to find someone competent, able to understand me and suggest me what I really need, based on my REAL NEEDS


The intent of your post has to encourage your reader to click on the link for more details.

Remember that your business is based on a large and well targeted customers list that you have to be able to create, the larger it is, the more money will feed your wallet.

Another suggestion is to use only one image in your post…you will use the other images in your sales funnel and keep in mind that Images and video has to be EYE GRABBING with less than 20% of text, it Is a policy of facebook otherwise they will penalise the post if you will use it like ads.

Now the most important tips:
1. Understand that Without paid advertise…you will need really years to have results (I tried by myself, and I can say you that this is a rule true like the sun follow the moon)
2. NEVER run your business only on one platform, especially if this platform is Facebook…Facebook seems smart and astonishing…but in real, the game is pretty different…so be careful about Facebook…BELIEVE ME
3. At list you need CLICKFUNNELS to do landing pages to capture the email and AWEBER like autoresponder to create your follow up cycle, what we call email marketing. I can help you setup and let them running, also if they have a very clear tutorial. However they are really intuitive to use
4. If you TRAVEL business, you need to collect email & name but also another field to understand what kind of travel this person is interested to, for example TYPOLOGY (extreme, lake, mountain, exotic, Metropoli, honeymoon, crazy young group etc..etc…) this is important to create many different follow-up email cycle and continue your selling process to this different kind of customers, because it is not useful to sell honey moon travel offers to a crazy 23 years young crazy snowboarder, so remember to select people based on their needs

So this is to let you understand that you have to create an entire environment able to catch the email of your lead and then updating the lead with follow up cycle.

I Hope this topic has been useful.

Thank you for watching this video and remember to subscribe to my channel

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