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Yesterday we talked about the first part of how to do affiliate marketing. Today, instead, we are going to analyze the second part, or the one that takes you from evaluating the products, to promoting them, selling them and then obtaining the results that then allow you to create your own method and then your own product that you can go to promote and sell directly, thus increasing your earnings exponentially.

Who TEACHES and then CREATES COURSES to become an Affiliate Marketer, like the ones I followed and I am following, is at the second evolutionary stage of the training course of its activity, (training is something that you will always have to do, even those who earn millions per month, do constant training).
Those who follow this system, this method, have acquired all the skills I have spoken about before and, in addition, they have learned, during the development of their business, to create and consequently put into practice one or more marketing strategies suitable for selling the product that they created, all based on practice and not theory.
I want to specify this difference on who CREATES courses passing through the practical application of things that then will go to teach, because it is an important part of the first phase or when you will be an affiliate marketer.
Just studying, without ever putting anything into practice, doesn’t mean being good at something, it means having lots of ideas in your head … but then? Have you tried them on your skin? Do they work? If the answer is “no I studied at university and then it works” … Brother, you are kidding me, because “IT WORKS” can only tell me one who put it into practice, not one who has it studied. What do you know if what you have studied works, if you don’t try to put it into practice?

Now you should have realized that the purpose of affiliate marketing people is not to create content to TEACH others to do affiliate marketing. The aim is to save you a lot of time, suggesting the best products and systems suitable for starting an independent online activity or for growing what you already have. Obviously, in the meantime, we continue to study everything we need to learn the marketing strategies to promote and then sell the products in affiliation, until we create our own product and then start a further evolutionary phase of your business where the earnings will be much higher because obviously now you will not only perceive a commission but the entire sale and also, you can also decide to start your own affiliate program where you will give the possibility to others to resell the products created directly by you.

As you can see, everything is in an ecosystem in continuous evolution and development.

HOW TO CREATE or GROW your business you will find it in the course by clicking on the link in the description (I did a complete review of the MIS, you can find it on my Youtube channel). It is an academy of 9 courses plus an avalanche of bonuses where you will find all the phases or the part in which you are taught to do all the EVALUATIONS and ANALYSIS of a product (which anyway is something that anyone must do before entering a product on the market, whether it is Affiliate marketer, marketing teacher or manufacturer or retailer, first of all it is necessary to evaluate, in order not to run the risk of putting on the market a product that nobody wants … but a mistake they do in many) + the part that TEACHES to create and put into practice the marketing strategy to promote and sell affiliate products and also yours. This is also why I made a video on purpose.

Let us remember that we are talking about marketing and then to evaluate, create, promote and sell products. If you want to create an activity that generates a profit from nothing, without selling anything to anyone … as soon as you can, make a price and I will pay you that price to learn your method, as long as you have put it into practice he he he.


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