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Let’s talk about FRANCHISING, an opportunity that fascinates many because it seems the best solution to start a life as an entrepreneur …

I am Ironarmi of Ironarmi Online business, I deal with 360-degree online marketing for companies and new entrepreneurs.

I admit it, Franchising was also for the first evaluation when I decided to become an entrepreneur.
The decisive point, however, was to understand whether the idea of the franchise was valid or not. So thank you fortunately for my notions of marketing, I made a list of POINTS to evaluate VERY WELL and which in my opinion deserved a careful analysis.
The considerations I made were based on some online research I had done:

1. In most cases the Franchisor (the owner of the brand) makes the money in the Franchising and not the Franchisee (who rents the brand), especially if we talk about physical activities, given that exploitation of the brand, Fees, Royalties, annexes and connected, you pay them and I must say that they are not cheap at all, regardless of whether you bill or not.
2. Advertising material is often under the aegis of the Franchisor which means other fixed costs that YOU CANNOT MANAGE
3. You can’t move freely for advertising, for advertising, because you have to follow the guidelines and therefore the philosophy of the parent company (which if we want to see is also right, sacrosanct, but still remains a limit, a forcing for you who open)

For the uninitiated, I am Armando in arte Ironarmi, I create marketing strategies for companies and new entrepreneurs and I also do training and coaching, obviously always in the Online Marketing sector.

Now, once you open your nice “PIPPO FRANCHISING” store there are some interesting questions that you should be friars and that are the same as those you should ask yourself having your own independent online business and these questions are:
1. How do you make yourself known? Does the parent company sponsor you out of its own pocket? I doubt about it
2. How do people know you exist? Put 4 photos on instagram and on Facebook and go, rain of money? I doubt about it
3. “Eh oh I open the shop (or whatever it is) and people enter. Is it done, rain of money? I doubt about it
4. How many hours do you work to have a SALARY?
5. But above all with all those hours that I will work, How much will my SALARY be?
6. Guys, starting up on your own means doing entrepreneurship, if you have to be entrepreneurs and earn as an employee or a little more, personally I do not see it as a profitable life project and it ends up getting tired immediately or, HERE, abandonment is behind the corner
7. Being an entrepreneur, even if only of yourself, does not mean breaking your back 16 hours a day to see your efforts going to the advantage of another, it certainly means working hard, but INTELLIGENTLY and PROFITABLY FOR YOU, to enjoy YOURSELF of the economic and time benefits that these sacrifices generate, right?

Marketing, the real one at 360 °, is not the one made up of paid followers because “everyone says that having so many followers means that you earn a lot” …
The speech is a bit more complex and the various “My cuggggggino has a friend of the uncle’s brother of the girlfriend of the friend of the sister of the aunt of the cousin of the grandmother who made money with photos on instagram … is a chimera more chimera than the pot full of coins kept by Leprecauno at the end of the rainbow is clear “

With this I do not mean that FRANCHISING is a bad choice, absolutely not, I just want to say that you have to be very careful in evaluating the business you want to start.
I am the first to say that there are VERY GOOD Franchises, to make an example known to all, multilevel marketing is Franchising but WITH FIXED EXPENSES and almost non-existent management costs and very good profit margins (not all of course, Jeunesse for example has an average margin of 35% of profit, all the others are less than half … not bad)

If you want free advice on your business or how to create one, just click on the link or send me a message.

Hello from Ironarmi

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