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We are in 2020, the digital tools to make known even the small local realities are now an integral part of the new commercial fabric, yet many still cannot understand the enormous importance that these could have for their business.

I speak of course of Facebook in the first place, then Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Whtasapp etc..etc … each of these is useful for different types of activities, just know them and choose the most suitable for your needs.

In addition to the data that we already know or that there are about 35 million active users of Facebook, the most important data for those who have a local business, is that 1 in 3 users go to Facebook to prison precisely that type of activity, which should make you understand that not being there is penalizing.

Being present on Facebook or in any case on the best channel for your business also serves to generate reviews and comments that are precisely the things your potential customer is looking for. But if you are not there, he cannot find them, if he cannot find them he cannot get an idea of who you are and your products or services and this means that you are losing customers, but above all, you are losing customers who were automatically without you have to go do who knows what …
So you understood that social networks really represent an extraordinary opportunity for small local businesses. You can create contacts, fans, new customers and everything in a constant and automatic way.

Obviously there are hundreds of things I could tell you about how you can take advantage of the digital world for your local business but today I want to let you know about it 4.
There are 4 tips that you can put into practice immediately after you have finished reading this post

Many people, even if they understand the usefulness of Facebook sponsors, often do not use them as they could. They only make someone from time to time, making them run for limited periods of time, contenting themselves with creating a few more contacts, a few more customers and hoping to increase their visibility on the market.

Facebook offers many types of different campaigns, what you need to do is just understand what is best for you and then use it with some tricks that I am now going to explain.
If your shop is located in the center of Milan, using ITALIA as a PLACE would be inefficient, too wasteful. Fortunately Facebook gives us the opportunity to act on the range. This means that you can tell Facebook to show your sponsored only to those people who live 10km away from you, or 15, or 20, you decide.
In this way, you understand that you are greatly increasing your chances of seeing a customer who has seen your sponsor on Facebook arrive in the store, because he lives near you.
You can also act on interests, behaviors and demographic parameters to better define your audience, perhaps creating campaigns tailored to your product. For example, if you have a product suitable for tourists, then you will create a campaign using certain parameters, while you will use others for products intended for residents.

The best example that I always do to understand who comes to you because they saw your sponsor is to use a free coupon or discount, which people can download and present once they arrive at the store. In this way at the end of the day you will count the coupons and you will have a certain figure on the efficiency of your sponsored and I can guarantee you that you will be amazed and say “but why haven’t I done it before?”.
Or you could create a sequence of minivideo to be used in the sponsored one, as many gyms do, through which you show from time to time the different characteristics of your center and then invite the user to come to you, maybe with a promotion that still entices more to book the first appointment


Although I’m not a huge fan of it, messaging services like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp seem to be becoming a tool that will have a very powerful development in the future.
Then distinctions should be made about what is meant by messaging service, given that we go from automatic replies, those that appear just landed for example on a Facebook page … up to real BOTs that interact with the user based to a pre-established series of questions with guided answers and thanks to the answers, the customer is profiled and based on the result of the profanation you can make an appointment or recommend one product / service rather than another. The power of this tool lies in the fact that it is automatic, and it is like having a secretary h24 7su7 at practically zero cost.

Both free and paid reversals can be used. For the paid version, better use a sponsored facebook page where we go to choose LEAD GENERATION as the target and guide the customer through a series of questions and answers reset by us in order to obtain his data in relation to the product or service he is interested in. , so then we can end the conversation LIVE on mesentere or why not even on the phone since we would have had all the data we deem useful to get to our result

Here we play with words.
Always use the same slogans like “we are industry leaders” or “our raw materials come only from organic farms” etc..etc …
This is the standard you find around … you understand that even if you put yourself in the same rump using the same words, it ends up that your business gets lost in the middle of all the others.
You must therefore show your possible client what makes you unique and particular. And it doesn’t matter if it is similar to the others, the important thing is that the mass uses words and content like the ones I just showed you, instead you use things OUT OF STANDARD you will look like the white fly, even if in fact you are very similar to the others .
Just think that many products that are at the top of the sales lists are often qualitatively lower than those at the bottom of the sales ranking … Why? Simple, who sells a lot, uses communication strategies that do not focus on the product itself but on the benefits for example that the product gives and therefore entice more the customer who has one more reason to choose you instead of another and the reason not it is only quality. Making quality products is no longer enough, on the contrary, I could tell you that sometimes it is also superfluous and there are many examples that I could give you.
For the format with which you can communicate, surely the VIDEOS are the fastest and most direct because you use visual, textual communication and the user must not make any effort to perceive your content.

Choose a topic of your business, you probably have more than one to show and act on that by highlighting it. In this way you create what is called niche communication. Evidence of the type of people for whom your product is suitable, so those who are part of that group will feel attracted by a product made just for them and those who are not part of it, will want to be part of it and will still come to visit you in the store. Psychology has a strong impact on sales.

I say my favorite because my web agency, in addition to doing online marketing training, also offers complete services for creating marketing strategies and therefore we create and work a lot with websites.
Let’s start by saying that a website is your own space, where you have no restrictions and where you can express your concepts without fear that a word can be misinterpreted by the automatic control system that for that either cancels the place or maybe at the worst you close the account. If you have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube channel etc … etc … it could happen and it’s not nice to see all the work you’ve done for years disappear in a second. On your website, however, this cannot happen, so you have significantly higher security.

Of course, you can also market with the site, specifically the business is called RETARGETING (someone calls it remarketing but it makes me shiver just to hear that word). Retargeting means transforming your site visitors into contacts and then customers, you can see retargeting in detail here.
In this way you avoid losing a lot of interesting information that you will need to intercept the interests and behavior of visitors to your site, information that you will then use to create your campaigns.

“Well begun is half done”
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