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How To Create And Dominate Your Own Market For Riches

“The biggest question that needs to be answered, comes down to EXACTLY how to generate QUALITY Targeted leads via the internet and exactly how to promote one’s primary business in the process.

It seems that in the whole philosophy of creating your own leads, this is just a monetization process with no real procedure to convert them to one’s primary business.

Hi, everybody, this is Armando from IRONARMI Online Business, Like, comment and subscribe to my channel Let’s start with the topic of today

The mantra seems to promote “the relationship building”, and then believe they will automatically want to join you.

Most people are on a limited budget so from that approach I would be anxious to hear your philosophy.”

This is a great question, and perhaps it is sprinkled with a hint of sarcasm. The mystical “relationship them in the mantra”, after the lead generation and monetization portion of your marketing, can seem a bit like propaganda.

It’s been a while since I’ve laid out the process on this one, so the question is timely, but excuse me if I’m a little rugged with my response.

The dirty truth about the getting of people into the business, after the lead generation portion has been handled profitable, it’s not mystical or magical.

Some will do their darndest thing to jump into your downline, once they know and trust you, and that’s the best. Let it happen naturally, but you want more, here’s how to get them.

You want a massive team. You want recruits flooding into your organization at a rate of 15 or more per day, you gotta do more, so let me fill in the missing pieces.

The lead generation process, if conducted properly and profitable, is not the end of the story. What you need to understand here, that what this part of the process accomplishes, is it creates your market for free. It gives you a receptive market.

Fortunes are made by creating and dominating markets and so once you’ve got your leads generated profitably, you’ve got half the job done. You’ve created the market. Domination requires systematic aggression.

You have to choose your method from this point in, and it’s up to you how you do it, but let me expound on what I mean by aggressive marketing . . . But let me give you a persuasion technique that supersedes the technical aspects.

The power of Scarcity & Elitism – you see it used in large product launches all the time.

“There are only so many lefts, so, unless you get in now, you’re left out in the cold, with all the other losers” – now, I’m paraphrasing of course, but nonetheless it’s powerful, because no one wants to be a loser or left out, so you use it to your advantage.

The style depends on who you are. Some people are great at recruiting one. So if that is, then you set up a free consult form, where you tell your leads you’re going to give them some of your time for free, but there are only a limited number of spots.

Let the interested go through the process, you make personal contact and choose who you want in your downline.

If you’re not one for personal contact, but you’re a verbal person, then you should hold a limited access teleseminar once a week, where you go over something important to your market, and then invite a small number of them into your team to work with you personally.

Works well because in large groups we can see the person speaking is the expert, and if you do a good job you’ll always have a 10 – 20% recruiting rate.

If that is touchy for you then you can do what I’ve chosen in the past to do and use email marketing as a medium for turning up the heat.

If you choose to use the internet, the last thing I need to tell you about is this. You have to either choose a business that has a good marketing system or create one or it’s gonna be tough, and I’m for making things as easy as possible for myself and my team. So get that situation handled and your downline will thank you for it.

It’s not magic or mystical. It’s just marketing your business aggressively, using your strengths, after you’ve put yourself into a position, to generate unlimited leads at will.

After a while, regardless of your method, you get so good at the recruiting process, just from doing it so much, that recruiting literally becomes “zero resistance and push-button”.

But you have to push that button.

Market creation and domination will put you in the trump position.

Just don’t forget about the domination part.

“Well begun is half done”
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