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How to find the right path for your business.

Well surely the biggest advice I have received and that is truly worth what the gold was:

Follow and practice ONE LINE OF ACTION, and pursue it like a bull until you get the results you have decided to achieve.

Whether you talk about working life or personal life, it happens to everyone and unfortunately too often, to have a tendency to do as butterflies do.

Today I follow this page here because you have very interesting content, tomorrow I see another sponsored and then I follow that person because he is also very good, the third day comes the day after tomorrow and then the fourth comes fifth.

At the end of the year you find yourself part of 100 groups, each of which has its say, one that contradicts the other and you know what happens …. that you have lost a year of time and have had poor if not zero results, because you started to manage your business using 10 different lines of action doing even 10 times the effort because to stay behind 10 methods is much more tiring than managing only one.

I know that apparently this technique may seem clever because one says “I take a little bit from this and a little bit from that and putting it all together I have a lot more information but above all for free and therefore I’m a genius” … here is where the donkey.

Small parenthesis on the value of information … in your opinion, an entrepreneur who spends TIME and MONEY to test business strategies until he finds the one that works that I repeat, it cost him months or even years of sacrifices … then what should he do? Come and give it away? So, why did you decide it?

Yes, of course, and elephants fly. Sorry my friend, the world does not work in this way, also because absurdly, you now say that information must be disseminated free of charge, because obviously you try to pull the water to your mill, but you know what happens if hypothetically one should decide to go crazy and give you a TRUE BUSINESS STRATEGY for free ???

It happens that you automatically go to the other side of the mechanism and you become the first to say “but imagine if it works, this has spent years and money to understand the strategy and then I should believe that it comes to give it to me like this… Surely there is it’s under something shady “

But don’t worry because it’s a normal thing. When I started doing business, I first seemed like a crazy rabbit, they jumped from one method to another from one mentor to another that not even a cricket could have done better.

Then I met the right person, who spoke in no uncertain terms, without being a barker, you could see he was telling you how things were, he wasn’t trying to repay you with big words and then I decided to do what had to be done, I MUST HAVE A FOLLOW HIM ONLY.

So much is a decision that the sooner you make it and the sooner you start to get results.

Result, before to make a website for example I would take 100 euros, now if you want a funnel, we start from 2k, obviously thanks to this choice some great improvements have also come, my technique, the ability to apply it, my knowledge, the ability to immediately understand the customer’s needs and so on … all things that if you continue to do the rebounds, they will never be able to continue because you will continue to be torn between doing one thing or maybe not wait let’s do another and then still don’t wait for today I saw something now I try it eheh ehehe hh so it will never work.

I have learned to pretend to myself that every single action that I carry out MUST and I must stress MUST bring me a USEFUL result even if it is a small brick of my entrepreneurial career, it is always a step forward towards my Absolute Shuttle 58, it is a yacht, or towards the creation of my telephone team that will make me increase sales and give work to other 2,3,4, 10 people, maybe even more who knows. But in any case it will be a positive event and to be celebrated with a loud self-pat on the shoulder.

So in summary, everything translates into a word ACT … FOLLOWING A SINGLE LINE OF ACTION, TOWARDS A CLEAR OBJECTIVE.

Now, I know very well that ACTING then could cause anxiety, because as long as you jump from here to there, you are calm, you BELIEVE to do but within you you know very well that you are not doing anything so you are in an overall quiet area, where the only thing that happens is that you read, read, read without ever doing anything, instead when you act “Huuuuuu oh. Cachcio and now? ” Heheheh but it is an emotion that you will discover to be unmotivated because in fact it is you who decide whether to focus on anxiety or not, it is a completely useless emotion, because it cannot be used at all, as opposed to the fear that instead can often serve as stimulus because if you are afraid of something then you can stumble and say “shit now I defeat this fear and then use it against itself” …

And someone who is very anxious tells you, but as for the rest, one day I just DECIDED that although I know that emotion is there … since it is useless, who cares, is there but I cannot use it for an advantage of mine, so what do I think about it and I concentrate on what, instead, brings a result.

Now in fact, starting a new project and then ACTING is something that makes me euphoria because it means that I can put into practice everything I know to achieve increasingly stimulating goals and why not, the wallet a little happier.

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