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Hi, I am Armando, aka “Ironarmi” and I am an Internet Entrepreneur. I am not an easy person and especially on the job site I am totally focused and I give no space to distractions. “Business is business” and I take this motto really seriously, especially because people pay me to have my help. I have unparalleled respect for the time of my customers, so they deserve to have a 101% concentration from my products and services.
The Online Marketing strategies are the future of marketplace and I would have understood this thing 20 years ago…today I would be 20 years forward my competitors, but ok, this is only a consideration, NEVER think to the past…never, you lose your time. Present and Future, this is what count…future especially.
I am specialized in Financial & Business Marketing Education, which involves digital products, services and especially high profile training for those who want to start their own online business for example with the Affiliate Marketing and for those who already have a business and want to scale it as fast as possible.
Before transforming myself into what I am now, my story was very similar to the one of many others.
I’ve been an employee for many years,  with an apparently “good salary”. But I had never noticed that I was working 10/12 hours a day, and sometimes, even more, sacrificing almost all my time. Like all of us I was always dreaming about having a salary of $10k and more, but a day I stopped dreaming and started TO REASONING and this process took me to the truth “STOP SELLING YOUR TIME (for a handful of peanuts) and start selling YOUR SKILLS, YOUR VALUE”. 

This is the sparkle that made me decide to open my company. At the beginning, it has been natural for me to start with construction field (the field of my family) and I must say that I was doing quite well, I thought I had made it… and then the shameful crisis hit heavily the constructions sector and I had to shut my company down and thinking to a new market to explore. This “bad” experience has been enlightening because my company did not fall, victims, all my employees has been replaced without creating problems to their family, I am really proud of this.
I realized that the cause of my shutdown was my lack of knowledge in marketing. If I would have had that kind of skill, that kind of knowledge, I would have been able to understand what was happening and I would have been able to elaborate a strategy to defend my business…
But ok, no problem, past is past, no regrets, also because thanks to this I didn’t give up, I rolled up my sleeves and started to study to fill the gap. I evolved, I changed business and I started from Affiliate Marketing because I had no products or services so, why do not start by selling the one who already have it…and especially by leveraging their sales funnel in the meanwhile I was studying and especially, by taking the advantage to “ethically copy” the strategies and the flows used by the producers. Two birds with one stone and also an astonishing saving of time. When you have to start from scratch, it is helpful to run business able to save time and let you start to make profit as soon as possible.

Photo by Nicole Venglovicova

My journey will never finish, I know this. Actually I’ve my goals, but when I will reach it, I will set a new one and again and again and again. I can say that my best goal is HAVING TIME FOR MY SELF AND MY LOVED ONES, I tell you openly. I have in mind so many projects, some of them also about charity, but, believe my friend…you need money to help people, do not get fooled by those who think to help others by going to the demonstrations with billboards who says “HELP HOMELESS” because I am sorry to tell you that they will not help anyone… BUT, if you set up a serious, stable business, lasting and profitable, you can help yourself to help the others and doing REAL CHARITY (sounds better yes ?).
Money is an enemy only for those who have the mentality of the poor, which is then a mentality of convenience.
Let’s reasoning together…it is easier to blame your boss because he drives a big car and goes on holiday in nice places…or starting a new business to gain that money able TO LET YOU DO THAT STUFF YOURSELF and also able TO USE THAT MONEY TO REALLY HELP PEOPLE ???
Well, I think that stay in a bar with friends saying “that dirty bastard of my boss” is easier…this is why 97% of people are employed, and 3% are successful entrepreneurs.
I close this my biography with these suggestions:
Roll up your sleeves and do what is necessary to give you and your loved ones what you deserve and then build a family home for the less fortunate children.
I wish my self to see you in the HALL OF FAME of happy and successful entrepreneur, as soon as you can.

I want to reward you for the time you are spending on my website.
After all, I am an extremely sociable person, even if at first sight you might to have the impression of seeing a hungry bear running towards you … keep calm, if you remain still, I will smell you and then I will come back to look for honey elsewhere.

Today I work independently, promote and sell high-value products from which I receive a lavish (very pleasant) commission, the famous Affiliate Marketing High Ticket.

I love luxury, the real one and the yachts have no secrets for me, I have loved them since I was a child.

I like working with the right tools and also to do business online need the right “tools”. In the pages of this site, you will explain them all.

Some GOOD NEWS: you will not need a jacket, tie, tan of the lamps and a sparkling smile, indeed, these very important settings are better left to others (otherwise we make the tanning centers fail and it’s not really nice) and we will focus on what is really there from do to get off on the right foot, which also seems to be more stimulating ehhh…

“Well begun is half done”
Armando “IRONARMI” Online Business

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