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Do you really want to make money online ?
Well let me tell you that Making money online is really possible and Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business you can start.
It is also THE FUTURE of THE MARKET because having visibility online will be more and more crucial for anyone, independently by the nature of your job or product, whether it is physical or digital.

It has been my same starting point. I was sick and tired to work 10 or 12 or even more hours per day for a low salary and with few or no gratifications at all. Always with the same people and in the same place.
So I decided to look around for some possibility to change this “state of art” but my problem was that I had no skills or expertise for doing Online Business.

Well the answer arrived once I heard about Affiliate Marketing that is a business where you do not need skills or expertise because you can acquire it by practicing. It is like an ON JOB ON TRAINING and it sounds nice because in this way I could save at least 50% of my time and starting to make money 50% faster.

That’s great I thought, But, I don’t have my own product or a service to sell, but also in this case, affiliate marketing gave me the answer that was “you do not need it, you can start by promoting third party products or services” and in 12 months you can arrive to create your own product so to scale you business and make 2, 5, or even 10 times more money.
This means that usually, if you chose high ticket products, that are product able lo let you make at least $1000 per sale, you can easily make extra $4000 per month. That are only 4 sales per month.
Now think if in 12 months or even less, you can multiply it for 2, 5 or even 10 times…Would you like to gain extra $40,000 per month ?
My answer has been “ABSOLUTELY YES” this is why one of my business is Affiliate Marketing.
The other my business is Online Marketing Consulting that I do just with the skills I have acquired by doing training for Affiliate Marketing. So as you can see, with one training, I’ve been able to create 2 businesses.

And another plus is that In this way you can also “steel” the techniques used by the creator of the product so to increase you knowledge and increase the possibility to scale your business faster.

When I say copy I mean “ethically copy” the techniques because it means to copy the process, not to do a COPY and PASTE ok?

So my better suggestion is to start from Affiliate Marketing just because you do not need skills or expertise to Strat to create your new empire that can allow you to quit your 9 to 5 and achieve your goals.
My best goal for example is to work wherever I want so to mix my job with my passion for travels.

But now let me tell my nest 3 advice to start your affiliate marketing business:

#1 Low ticket or High Ticket products or services ?
Well, the Time and economic efforts you have to do to promote both, is the same.
The difference is that an HIGH TICKET product let you make at least $1000 per each sale, a low ticket product is not more than $100.
This is why my suggestion is to run only HIGH TICKET OFFERS especially if you are at the beginning.

This is a thing that people usually do not take care, when they start a business, but I’ve understood that instead it is A GLODEN RULES.
If you make $1000 per sale you can arrive to spend $1000 for promotions…but if you make $100 per sale you can invest maximum $100.
Now, tell me, who do you think have more possibility to reach the customers and sell more products…who have $1000 to invest in promotion or who have $100 to invest for promotion ?
This is to tell you that low ticket products are good, but not if you want to use PAID ADVERTISING and, if you want to do money, well you have to do PAID ADVERTISING…because yes yes, the organic sale works…but if you do not have a stable audience…who should by your product ? And guess the faster way to create a stable audience what is ??? Yes, PAID ADVERTISING also because it offers many parameters to target your perfect customer…organic traffic doesn’t allow you to do this so, it requires at least 10 times more to obtain the same results…I repeat 10 times more AT LEAST.

Here you can’t escape, the statistics speaks for themselves, the best sectors are the following:

1. ADULT (Objects and Videos)
2. HEALTH & FITNESS (Training and Diets)
3. FINANCIAL BUSINESS EDUCATION (training, consulting about online marketing in general)
7. LUXURY, but this is a very particular niche, the QUEEN OF THE NICHES, and I am proud to say that know it really well, but it is not my actual niche of action, just because it is really particular…and a bit more expensive to promote.
Actually I do Financial and Business Education.

There are 2 main line:
1. Affiliate Network Platforms

I personally prefer method N ° 2 so I do market analysis to find products of superior quality and if the company already has an affiliate program I ask to become affiliate and I start to promote it. If the vendor doesn’t have an affiliate program, I propose to create a personalised one just for me. You will be astonished to know how many company are happy to sell with affiliates, also if they didn’t think about it before, just only because, no one has been able to explain what it is and the great benefit the company can have by using this business model, because AFFILIATE MARKETING is a business model.

If you decide to use the Affilate Network Platform, pay attention to some parameters such as the sales rate (that has to be high), the Refund rate (that has to be low otherwise it means that people buy and then ask for refund) and pay attention about how many are promoting that product because yes, in that platform you can easily find products to sell, also high ticket (but 90% are low ticket), but just because of that, you can understand that you have many competitors so…pay attention.

“Well begun is half done”
IRONARMI Online Business

Do not miss your chance


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