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Here is #4 secrets that will drive you on the correct route.

If we want to recap these secrets in one word, this would be ANALYZE.

#1 First of all, you ned to understand what kind of social media platform you want to use, or better, which social media platform better suite your purpose.
There are big difference from one to the other.

On Facebook you have to manage your audience by remembering that is a social media based on Latent Demand While instead on Youtube you can count on the Manifest Demand, so knowing the difference between Latent and Manifest Demand become an essential point to understand IF the social media you are evaluating is good for your product or if it is better to move to another one.

#2 Why do you want to grow your audience ? For yourself, and so for Personal Branding ? To sell a product ? Physical or Digital ? It is a product that can be sold online or need the customer comes to your office or shop ?
This difference can make you understand for example that if you are doing pure personal branding, probably INSTAGRAM is the place for you while Facebook is better to share content

#3 What kind of content do you want to share ? Are you a VIDEO content oriented kind or do you prefer to write short and long post and so you are a TEXT content oriented kind ? Do you prefer to post a video with text or without text ? Do you prefer to post an image without text or with text ?
If you are Video oriented this means that Youtube or Vimeo could be the perfect choice for your business.
But let me tell you that also in this case you need to analyse a bit deeper your content because for example If your video are pure business, 100% business with no “variation on the theme” I think Vimeo could be the better option for your business…Otherwise if your content is half business and half “personal” and with this I mean a video where you provide some value, regarding to your busines but you also put some sarcasm and humor into the video, in this case Youtube would be the preferred option.
The reason of this suggestion is that from my experience, Youtube is more “open minded” like video sharing platform and for this, what we can call “categories” on YouTube, are many and many different on from the others.
Instead, in a platform like Vimeo, where the creators decided to point on business, they developed categories strictly related to business categories and this make this platform better for this kind of videos.

instead, If you are an image oriented with or without text, depending on your content, Facebook and Instagram and twitter would be a better solutions.

Remember that actually Video and Text are 50% and 50%. Yes, video is growing but actually the Social Media population is divided into 50% prefer Video and 50% prefer to read a text with a nice image (better in Black and White, it is more eye catchy)

#4 Do you have and want to use Paid Advertising Campaign or only organic growth (mean free).
If you want organic growth, i am the first to tell you that it is absolutely possible to use FREE STRATEGIES to grow your audience without spending a single penny BUT BELIEVE ME, it will require TOO TOO TOO much time and efforts because:
First of all you need to learn SEO Search Engine Optimization, this means that you have to acquire some modern skills to push your content in front of your audience, and as you obviously have understood and, if you don’t want to pay for a training, well you need time to acquire this skills…TOO MUCH TIME, believe me.

If you want to save time and start to have results almost immediately, the better option is to follow some paid training, so to acquire the skills you need to manage your advertising campaign and gaining money or you can opt to use some service “on demand” that will do the work for you.
In my honest opinion I prefer to point on my knowledge and I invest on training, also because if I acquire modern skills, I can use it to manage my business, I can use it to evaluate people that work for me, and I can use it also to manage the business of those who prefer to pay someone, like me, to do it…so if I train myself, I can scale my income by implementing new businesses.

Obviously there are a way more things to know about how to make extra $3000 or $5000 or event more per month and I will be more than happy to help you to understand how to achieve your financial freedom this is way I want to give you a gift, a Free 30 minute Online Marketing Strategic Plan session that I usually charge $1000 for.

“Well begun is half done”
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